We’ll Help You Maximize the Potential of Your Content

Have You Hit a Growth Plateau, Even Though You Have an Abundance of Assets and Ideas?

Your organization has worked hard to develop quality connections, assets, and ideas. But you’re stuck mining the same revenue streams, which aren’t performing like they used to. The great news is, you have more opportunities than you can imagine.

The old way of doing business looked like this:

Create content in one form, sell it, archive it

The NEW way of doing business
the Potentialist Way
looks like this:

Create Content

maximize through multiple forms

reap new and ongoing revenue

Create Content


maximize through multiple forms


reap new and ongoing revenue

It’s time to put your content to work for you so it grows your audience and creates high-leverage, continuous income and impact.

It’s time to embrace the Potentialist Way.

The Potentialist Agency: Who We Are

Hi, we’re Holley Gerth and Jason Rovenstine! Between the two of us, we’ve written Wall Street Journal bestselling books, developed multi-million dollar content brands, created a podcast that’s in the top 1% in the world, and been nominated for the Next Big Idea Club (co-founded by Adam Grant, Susan Cain, Malcolm Gladwell, and Daniel Pink).

We’ve worked with major corporations on content initiatives, facilitated digital courses with 2K+ members, spoken to audiences of thousands, and cofounded an online community that had almost a million page views in its first six months.

What We Care Most About Is YOU!

Your brand. Your content. Your ideas. We want to see your organization succeed and expand its opportunities.

We want you and the people you serve to reach your God-given potential.

As the Potentialist Agency, we’ll collaborate with you to develop high-level strategies and practical solutions for maximizing the reach and revenue of your content.

Here’s How it Works

3 Easy Steps to Maximizing Your Content with the Potentialist Agency

1. Consultation

We’ll get to know your organization, content, and team so we understand the specifics of what would be most valuable to maximize for you.

2. Content Strategy

We’ll develop a customized strategic plan that includes an evaluation of past, present, and future opportunities.

3. Creation

We’ll help you execute on the strategic plan by developing your content and even creating new assets based on your priorities and most important goals.

Who Would Benefit Most from Working with the Potentialist Agency?

While we would love to serve everyone, we are a boutique agency that can only take on a select number of clients each year. Here are some examples of people we’ve worked with and those whom we believe can benefit the most from our services:

  • Publishing executives who know that change is critical to survival in the digital age
  • Editors seeking to develop the potential of their best authors
  • Nonprofit leaders who suspect there are better ways to utilize their content
  • Department managers being asked to create more margin without additional resources
  • Creativepreneurs just getting started who need an effective content strategy
  • Product companies who recognize content is vital to building trust with their market

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